I learned how to decorate backpacks when I was glancing over Pinterest. That is to DIY backpack with custom patches. I noticed a pinner who always posts some interesting things. She likes to share her DIY artworks, such as DIY Patchwork (+Upcycled) Denim, DIY Embroidered Rickrack Chicks, DIY Doodle Embroidered Sweatshirt, and so on. And she posted a pin called “Kids Patches + DIY Backpack”. She shared several photos of the DIY backpacks.

Kids Patches + DIY Backpack - Honestly WTF (1)
Kids Patches + DIY Backpack – Honestly WTF (1)

I was attracted by the personalized backpacks. They look beautiful and fashionable. And these DIY Backpacks are distinctive and the patches make it stand out from the crowd.

Kids Patches + DIY Backpack - Honestly WTF (2)
Kids Patches + DIY Backpack – Honestly WTF (2)

I am also a patch lover. I like collecting types of patches. Every single patch has a story. It can be used to record a colorful life and save an unforgettable memory.


To collect patches is interested. Most of my collections are embroidered patches, woven patches, and printed patches. They have distinct advantages. For example, embroidered patches have raised texture; woven patches can achieve finer details; printed patches look like vivid pictures.


No matter what types of custom patches they belong to, they all have some same features. they have ornamental value as well as wide practicability. Customized patches are beautiful. They are delicate with high quality. And they can be used to decorate many things, such as backpack, hats, jackets, shoes and more.

Patches Applications
Patches Applications

Both work and study are important, while proper relaxation and recreation are also important. At weekends of spring, let’s go out together for an outing, climbing mountains, which are big pleasures. Designing unique patches to record every trip and scenery is a good idea.


Customembroideredpatches.com is a website of a patch manufacturer. They offer many styles of cheap custom made patches. They have a quotation system online. If your budget is limited, you can choose it. You can order online and have a discount as low as 20%.

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