Embroidered patches are not only applied in clothes, hats, and shoes but also can be used to decorate the handbags. 


Olympia Le-Tan found a namesake brand. Its creation of originals handbags is popular. Embroidery is combined with literature. And she makes use of embroidery to reproduce classics.


Olympia Le-Tan was born in London but grew up in Paris. Under the influence of both fashion design, she has an extraordinary talent in art.


Designer--Olympia Le-Tan


Olympia Le-Tan’s father is an illustrator. And she got a lot of inspiration from his father. Her embroidery technique is from her grandmother. The combination of the two and the fairy tale feeling of the girl with the personal characteristics made her super personal style in the fashion circle.


Olympia Le-Tan and Her Designs


She had designed a series called “You can’t judge a book by its cover” in 2012. She chooses fairy storybooks to design the surface covering of the handbag. The covers of the handbags conceive felt embroidery models. And there are brass clasps which are hand machined. These handbags attached a lot of girls at that time. Until now, this series still keeps fashion and utility.


A Series of Hanbbags


Using the Three-dimensional Embroidery to make an illustration on the bookcase, and brass clasp to create a classic book cover. It helps to redefine the retro fashion bag design. We feel that this complicates handbag case – making much better strength, quality is also better. Embroidered on handbag cases make it have the strength and wear resistance, and has a decorative effect.


Applying Embroidery Element to Handbags


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