The beginning

The prevalence of embroidery is synchronized with the industrial revolution. Embroidery used to be hand sewn or handcrafted.  The machine improved the process and products entered the market faster. Hand- made patches are now very unique. Custom patches are the leader in this territory. When you combine the old method with new modern technology, customers can get custom patches at affordable prices. Once you have an idea of what you want, shopping online will be the beginning.

custom patches

There are 10 things that most people do not know about ordering custom patches online.

  1. One-stop service. You don’t need to contact different suppliers to satisfy your demand. Our business is custom patches. You can get everything you want from a simple source.
  2. Durable patch. Once you order a custom patch, it will be durable just like your clothes.
  3. Affordable price. We offer factory-direct prices, so we are super affordable. Our embroidery team has years of experience. We also offer fast, free shipping.
  4. Your standard. Custom-made is our middle name. No matter what you want, traditional or modern styles, we can help you in Custom patches have various sizes, shapes, borders, backings, colors, and attachment methods to apply all demands.
  5. Free delivery. Your order will be shipped by FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS. You will be pleased when you get your order.
  6. Practiced experts. Our company insiders are operating embroidery computer machines since 2003. It means we can produce any design. We can bring your image to life.
  7. Design Assistance. Are you in need a creative partner to help you visualize your idea about custom patches? You will be pleased to know that our expert Designers are problem solvers for creative ideas. The end result is a built-in best practice for completing projects on time.
  8. Always be useful. We will accept any orders from our customers. Processed, every time, period.
  9. Years of experience. With our experience, you will enjoy the journey of shopping at our company. Custom patches can attract international customers, we will further build and improve our custom patches.
  10. There is no minimum for our orders. You can choose the amount of your embroidered patches.

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