As polyester has flammable properties and it is sensitive to heat as well, low heat is key when ironing patches.


I would recommend setting your iron for the highest temperature that both the Polyester can handle. Do not use steam unless the patch instructions call for steam.


While the iron is heating, lay the Polyester down flat on a hard surface, such as an ironing board or craft table.


Place the patch onto the fabric exactly where you want it to adhere. Cover it with a piece of parchment paper or a thin piece of fabric, such as cotton.


Carefully set the heated iron down over the patch, pressing down as hard as you reasonably can. If the iron can cover the entire patch, then place it on top. If it does not cover, then start at one end, being sure not to move the patch when you set the iron down.


Slowly move the iron in circular motions over the patch, and make sure you are touching every part. Do this for about 30–40 seconds.


Let it all sit and cool down for at least an hour before you touch or move it. Test your patch by carefully trying to lift it in various places. You will want to keep one hand holding the patch in place so you don’t accidentally move it.


If the patch has not been attached, repeat the process. If it still not attached after the second round, you can turn up the heat on the iron slightly until the attachment is successful.


An alternative is to use fabric glue. It is available at all craft stores and will allow you to attach the patch without heat. You can also sew the patch onto the fabric.


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