In winter, people wear solid colors, and the colors on the streets look very monotonous. Although many people want to dress differently, in addition to DIY and special customization, clothes are almost the same. However, there are many smart people who choose to add some embellishments to their clothes to give them a fashion pop, which is the patch. It adds a lot of colors to monotonous clothes and collocations, adding a sense of fashion to your apparel. Custom patches for clothes could show your attitude. From jackets, dresses, hoodies & overalls to denim jackets & coats. All of these clothes can be decorated with patches. Simple clothing with custom patches makes you instantly become more fashionable and individual. If you want to look for custom patches, we are the right company for your needs.

Let’s take a look at this navy blue-green plaid jacket, which is a neutral design that can be worn by both men and women. Plaid is always a popular trend element, the “TOMMY JEANS” lettering and patch elements make the jacket more fashionable. We provide the patch making, helping you to design the patch style and you can choose whatever you like to put on your clothes.

custom patches

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Patches and denim are perfect collocation. The back is embroidered with the words “TOMMY JEANS” and a large-area patch, especially with the retro taste of the 1970s. Of course, you can also add some floral patterns if you like. Such as the following GUNS N’ ROSES, which looks so cool, it uses a combination of laser cut border and plastic backing to make the entire patch very solid to put on your jacket. It can also be a great gift to your friends who like roses.

custom made patches

We provide many patches you can choose from: large logos, vintage letters, collage, customization, and so many other elements, different custom patches have different meanings and they will never let you down. Or you can offer your idea, we design it for you, the design and artwork are for free. If you are interested in the custom patches for clothes, you can have a look at our website at or contact us directly by calling on 18888644755 for more details.


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