I believe that everyone wants to remember a lot of important events in his life. There are many ways to save the wonderful memories. Some of us choose to take photos and make a large number of albums. Others choose to write a diary to remember the events. However, there is also a fantastic idea! Memorial patches are customized according to your needs.

The custom memorial patches are created to commemorate people who are no longer living or events you want to remember forever. The custom memorial patches are the same as other types of custom embroidered patches. They are durable, beautiful and lightweight. They usually contain the name, date or photo of the person being remembered. The memorial patches have a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes for your reference and they can be easily attached to clothes or bags.


cool memorial patch

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For example, it is a cool memorial patch. This is a product to commemorate Bears Trikland (5 MAR 47 – 12 MAR 09). This patch is made up of an American Eagle. The American flag is mounted on one wing, while the official POW / MIA logo is on the other wing. And the embroidery is the best choice for memorial patches. It is elegant and durable and will not fade for many years. Our custom embroidered patches are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability.

Some of us may want to pay tribute to those who lost their lives for protecting the country. Or you want to maintain the vitality of your spirit. Maybe you want to meet the achievements of outstanding people in the past. And even want to recognize national tragedies like Vietnam or 9/11. No matter what reason, the easiest way to remember the events is to wear clothes with custom memorial patches. You can attach the memorial patches to a jacket or vest, or even attach it on your T-shirt. This kind of patch can use different materials and designs. Our team can produce all the patches you design. There are no minimum orders. Call us at 1(888)864-4755 for more details. We are GS-JJ, the expert of custom memorial patches.

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